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Luxury Spa Day

My mission is to walk away with you being extremally happy with your vehicle. This can be a in shop service, or I can come to you at the comfort of your own home with water and electricity. All you have to do is leave the keys in the vehicle or hand them to me personally. I am here to ease your mind from taking care of your vehicle. This way you can catch up on things you need to catch up on! :)

Complete detail

Exterior/outside of vehicle

Fresh linen sheets

(Clean tools, towels and products)


Feet are soaked in warm water and scrubbed

(Tires, rims & wheel wells are deep clean and protected)

Coconut oil

(6 months tire coating)

Full body massage

(Gentle hand wash starting from top to bottom with detailing tools)

Deep tissue massage

(Clay bar, & iron decontamination)

Massaging with "100% coconut oil"

(1 year ceramic coating protection)

Focusing on sore muscles

(1 Step polish to remove light scratches and swirl marks) 

Extra Free 15 minutes

(Exterior plastics are Protected)


I love to start off by giving your vehicle a warm welcome!

(Removing trash, kid's car seats, & belongings)

Hot stone massage

(Steam cleaning/Disinfecting)


(Using tools for creaks and cervices)

Swedish massage

(Glass streak free)

Conditioning the skin

(Applying a UV protection to fill the pores of Vinyl, leather, and plastic)

Warm water towel to remove excess oil.

(Shampooing to remove stains)

Essential oils

(Air freshener)

Benefits of reserving a Spa Day for your vehicle!

  • Exfoliate skin (Shiniest vehicle on the road)

  • Blood flow (Extending lifespan of 

  • Skin is glowing (Improve people's awareness)

  • Improves joint mobility (Brake pads are flushed out)

  • Happy Refunds if not satisfied (Boots resell value)

  • I love my detailer! (I come to you)


Relaxation for both you and your vehicle 

Small/Medium $240   

 Large/Extra Large $275


Standard detail

Exterior/outside of vehicle

Tires, Face of Wheels, Wheel Barrel, and Wheel Wells

2 Bucket with wash mitts

Foam Bath with PH soap

Starting from Top To Bottom

Contact Wash 

Air/Towel drying

1-3 months

Wax Protection


Vacuuming carpets, seats, underneath seats


Everything will be scrubbed down  

Steam cleaning/Disinfecting

Using tools for creaks and cervices

Glass streak free


UV protection to Vinyl, leather, and plastic

Shampooing to remove stains

(Air freshener)

Small/Medium $120    

 Large/Extra Large $145

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